About My Pug Nation

Welcome to My Pug Nation!

This is a global community for pug lovers founded by Susan Nation.

I am a content creator and pug lover.  I produce television series and other content about pets, particularly dogs, for Talent Hounds and The Family Pet Network.

I started this blog to chronicle daily life with my adorable but flawed rescue dog Kilo the Pug.  I share insights, tips, stories, photos, videos and product reviews for and by other Pug Lovers. Kilo is still a spokesdog for Talent Hounds, especially in the #RescuesRock Campaign. He also has his own Facebook Page, Instagram Account (@KilothePug)  and Kilo’s Corner on this Blog. Kilo loves food, treats, plush toys, games and me.

We love guest posts about #Puglife and featuring Pugs and Pug Parents, Rescues or Trainers.

We are also happy to consider reviewing and sharing great products for Pugs and Pug Lovers.

You can contact us by e-mail or on Kilo’s Accounts.