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New Dog SongSing-Along Video with Kilo the Pug

2 Adorable Rescue Pugs Help Kids Learn to Count by 2’s

2 Adorable Rescue Pugs Help Kids Learn to Count by 2's We have just launched a new project called Kids' Pet Club to inform and entertain pet-loving kids. Snorting snoring comedic duo Kilo the Pug and the adorable star of The Backseat Barkers, Fishstick the Pug host a series of videos including Dog Song Sing-Alongs and DIY Dogs. Our adorable rescue pugs help kids learn to count, care for pets, and make all sorts of crafts. Pugs have such cute, funny, friendly faces with big heads, big anime … Read More

What to do if my pug ate chocolate

What Should I Do If My Pug Eats Chocolate?

Do You Know What To Do If Your Pug Eats Chocolate? Chocolate is a tasty treat for humans that can be fatally toxic for pugs. It may be one of the most common forms of poisoning in dogs, so it’s vital to know what to do if it happens to your pug. Kilo the Pug once stole and devoured a whole tray of dark chocolate and walnut brownies when we first fostered him. I rushed him to the vet and they induced vomiting and gave him a charcoal product. Thankfully he was fine. Then just last week, our … Read More



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