Get your Daily Smile with Cute photos of Me- Kilo the Pug

Cute photo of Kilo the Pug in a red striped tie ready for work

Kilo the Pug: My Workplace Photos

I have been in my forever home for 2 years now.  I love company, especially my Mom’s so we are both lucky she often works from home. My Mom makes me earn my kibble, literally (she seems to think I am greedy). I basically run the place for her. One of my favorite jobs is posing for cute photos (second only to tasting recipes). I know when I see cameras or phones that I am going to get lots of treats and attention.

I thought you might enjoy some of these cute photos of me hard at work dressed for success- they always get a smile out of my Mom:


TH Kilo bow tie

Cute Photo of Kilo the pug in his Canada bow tie

Proudly Canadian in my Canada Bow-tie.

Kilo ready for work in yellow tie-300x200

I take my job seriously as you can see.

I like to be right next to Mom on the white couch (well it used to be white, but now it has black hairs too). I think I am her inspiration and I know I make her happy.

Does your pug like taking cute photos too?

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