For The Love of Pugs! At Woofstock High Tea

I caught up with adorable celebrity pugs at the woofstock high tea

Get the Pugs Only Exclusive of the

Woofstock High Tea

I caught up with some of my favorite Celebrity Pugs at the Woofstock High Tea event. Kilo couldn’t make it out because he’d be more inclined to nibble on his friends than on the many delicious dog-friendly biscuits at the event. That didn’t stop me from bringing home a whole bag of SWAG for him though!

Kilo with his swag from woofstock high tea

kilo the pug with a tongue out for his treats from woofstock high tea
Ms. Charmin, Kilo’s girlfriend, won a raffle prize and sent some of the spoils home to share with him

The hilarious and adorable Fishstick entered into the Dog Doppelganger Costume Contest at the event as “Dognald Hump”

FIshstick as a dog doppelganger of donald trump at woofstock high tea

He took to the Red Carpet with style

fishstick was one of our favorite dog doppelgangers at woofstock high tea

Check out Fishstick’s most recent endeavours in stardom in the latest Backseat Barkers episode and compilation meme video:

Pugs at Woofstock High Tea in the “Doggelganger” Contest

A few other pugs entered the contest and strutted their stuff on the dogwalk.

cute pug strutting his stuff at woofstock high tea - Editedtyson the pug in doppelganger contest - Edited

Aura the pug at woofstock high tea - Edited

Aura, the gorgeous pug in pink, belongs to Amanda Logan, radio personality and one of the judges for the contest.

They had quite the setup!

at the table at woofstock high tea

Aura and Amanda with friends at one of the gorgeous tables set up at the event, just look at those outfits! Needless to say the Pugs were in full force at this event, with smiles all around!

Did I mention: Pugs!?

bodo the pug looking sharp at woofstock high tea - Edited
diva with a smile at woofstock high tea

bodo the pug having a drink at woofstock high tea

one of the cute pugs at woofstock high tea

tyson the pug at woofstock high tea
Tyson the Pug

cute pugs at woofstock high tea

Will you be at the pug race for Woofstock 2017? Tyson has won the last two years in a row, and he needs some more competition!

See him and Fishstick in this recap of last year’s Woofstock event:

Know of any cool events for pugs? How about Pugoween for PugALug Pug Rescue and our monthly Grumble.

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