For The Love of Pugs! At Woofstock High Tea

I caught up with adorable celebrity pugs at the woofstock high tea

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Woofstock High Tea

I caught up with some of my favorite Celebrity Pugs at the Woofstock High Tea event. Kilo couldn’t make it out because he’d be more inclined to nibble on his friends than on the many delicious dog-friendly biscuits at the event. That didn’t stop me from bringing home a whole bag of SWAG for him though!

Kilo with his swag from woofstock high tea

kilo the pug with a tongue out for his treats from woofstock high tea
Ms. Charmin, Kilo’s girlfriend, won a raffle prize and sent some of the spoils home to share with him

The hilarious and adorable Fishstick entered into the Dog Doppelganger Costume Contest at the event as “Dognald Hump”

FIshstick as a dog doppelganger of donald trump at woofstock high tea

He took to the Red Carpet with style

fishstick was one of our favorite dog doppelgangers at woofstock high tea

Check out Fishstick’s most recent endeavours in stardom in the latest Backseat Barkers episode and compilation meme video:

Pugs at Woofstock High Tea in the “Doggelganger” Contest

A few other pugs entered the contest and strutted their stuff on the dogwalk.

cute pug strutting his stuff at woofstock high tea - Editedtyson the pug in doppelganger contest - Edited

Aura the pug at woofstock high tea - Edited

Aura, the gorgeous pug in pink, belongs to Amanda Logan, radio personality and one of the judges for the contest.

They had quite the setup!

at the table at woofstock high tea

Aura and Amanda with friends at one of the gorgeous tables set up at the event, just look at those outfits! Needless to say the Pugs were in full force at this event, with smiles all around!

Did I mention: Pugs!?

bodo the pug looking sharp at woofstock high tea - Edited
diva with a smile at woofstock high tea

bodo the pug having a drink at woofstock high tea

one of the cute pugs at woofstock high tea

tyson the pug at woofstock high tea
Tyson the Pug

cute pugs at woofstock high tea

Will you be at the pug race for Woofstock 2017? Tyson has won the last two years in a row, and he needs some more competition!

See him and Fishstick in this recap of last year’s Woofstock event:

Know of any cool events for pugs? How about Pugoween for PugALug Pug Rescue and our monthly Grumble.

Adorable Christmas Party Photos Of Happy Pugs Celebrating

thumbnail_Fishstick the Pug hanging with Santa at the PugALug Party at PawsWay Toronto

Christmas Party Photos of Pug at Pugalug’s Pug Claus

This weekend was Pugalug Pug Rescues’s annual Christmas party, Pug Claus, held at Purina PawsWay Toronto. It was a great event for pugs and pug lovers to gather, take photos with Santa and celebrate the holidays with their families and friends. We  saw our pal Fishstick, the star of the Backseat Barkers series looking very dapper in his Christmas Bowtie.

Such a fun way to raise funds for pugs in need. The raffle prizes were fantastic this year. They had 3 beautiful big gift baskets, a one night stay at the Westin Harbour Castle for and gift certificates too! Sadly, I did not win.

Kilo came along and sat with my husband enjoying cuddles and treats.

thumbnail_Kilo at the Bar getting courage before the Pug Party
Kilo the Pug getting up courage to go in

The event had awesome gifts to buy like Peachy Keen harnesses, bandanas and bow ties  our friend Igor’s calendars, and new PugALug t-shirts- all available online.

Tim and Fishstick the Pug
Tim and Fishstick the Pug

It was tons of fun meeting new pug lovers and of course playing with some many adorable pugs.

Tim hands out treats to group of pugs at the Pugalug Pug Claus Christmas Party

Tim was like a Pug Whisperer-  having a great time handing out treats to the pugs. He and Crystal also brought along Fishstick’s 2 BFFs


Christmas Photos of Pugs from Pugalug's Pug Claus Event at PawsWay

Check out our gallery for event photos and share yours with us online.

Have You Been To A Pug Christmas Party Before? Share your photos with us.

Adorable Photos of Pugs at The Toronto Pug Grumble

Susan and Kilo the Pug at the Novemeber 2016 Toronto Pug Grumble

Adorable Photos of Pugs Having Fun at The Toronto Pug Grumble

Sunday was pretty nice weather, so  Kilo the Pug headed off to Trinity Bellwoods Park “Dog Bowl” for the monthly Toronto Pug Grumble for the first time (we popped by the Halloween event but it was at a store nearby). The event is hosted by handsome Instagram Celebrity Pug @HelmutthePug and his Mom. We were lucky enough to see them twice this week as Helmut was a model at the Strutt With Your Mutt Event at Purina PawsWay.

Kilo is a rescue and was quite anxious and shy at first, as he always is outside the house – we believe a bigger dog must have attacked him in a dog park before we got him and he just was not socialized. However, the pugs were all his size and not threatening so he handled the occasional butt sniff well and hung out on the perimeter with my husband. He did not react at anyone or anything and remained happy enough to eat the occasional treat and have a few cuddles with me.

We only stayed for 15 minutes but it was so fun as pugs are just too cute and sociable.  I am hoping that these little safe outings will gradually give Kilo a more positive feeling and build his confidence. He loves attention and playing with me so I hope some day he finds some new dogs friends he can relax with.

We saw our pal Helmut the Pug and many more pugs at Novembers Toronto Pug Grumble, see more photos.


Check out our photos below and visit the Toronto Pug Grumble Facebook page for more.

We’ll see you at the December event! Details HERE.


Photos from Pugoween – The Best Halloween Party For Pugs

Pugs in Halloween Costumes

Photos From Pugalug’s Annual Pugoween Pug Party At PawsWay, Toronto


Pugalug Pug Recuse‘s Annual Pugoween Halloween party at Purina Pawsway in Toronto was amazing! Thanks to all of the wonderful volunteers, staff and attendees that made this year so great.  A Grumble of Party Pugs came dressed in their Halloween costumes to help support the Pug Rescue, socialize with friends and of course, show off their costumes. It was non-stop action with little pugs running everywhere.

Kilo as Darth Vader

My husband came and sat with Kilo in a quiet corner up on a bench. He was actually pretty happy watching the fun from a safe distance. He wore his Darth Vader costume for about five minutes but I didn’t want to stress him and he is happier naked in just a harness.

Susie and Kilo

Pugalug’s Blanche Axton’s Bee and Bee Keeper partner costume with her pug was very creative!

Photos From The Best Halloween Party Just For Pugs -Pugoween 2016 - bee & bee keeper 3

Costume Contest Winner (again)

Photos From The Best Halloween Party Just For Pugs - pirate costume Photos From The Best Halloween Party Just For Pugs -Pugoween 2016 - pirate

Each year this creative family always comes up with great new ideas for the Halloween costume contest. This year their adorable pug was a pirate complete with a ship and of course treasure.

Photos From The Best Halloween Party Just For Pugs -Pugoween 2016 - elf

Second place went to Waldo and Pumpkin for their elf costumes.

Don’t know what to dress your pug up as? See our 99 Halloween Costume Ideas HERE 

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I have supported them for years and think they are a great rescue that does amazing work. If you are looking to get a pug, I urge you to do your research about the breed then consider adopting a rescue.

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