5 Cool Things About Pugs


Fun Facts About Our Favorite breed!

One of the key ways we can keep dogs out of shelters is to encourage people to do their research on their preferred breed before getting a pet. As I am now a pet parent to Kilo the Rescue Pug, I thought I would share 5 Cool Things About Pugs.


1) Pug History

The Pug is believed to have originated in China as a companion for Emperors, and then to have been imported to Europe around 400 years ago. The pug reportedly became the official dog of the House of Orange in 1572 after a Pug saved the life of the Prince of Orange by alerting him to the approach of assassins. The breed was popular with royalty, particularly during the reign of Queen Victoria in the UK, and frequently pampered like the royalty they are. (Or at least they think they are! King Kilo). The wrinkles look a bit like Chinese symbols and they have lion-like little bodies and love tasting food and alerting to danger or strangers (or in our case the evil mailman).


2) Pug Appearance and Physical Issues

The Pug is a squarely built, deep-chested, compact breed with short legs, a tightly curled tail and an unmistakable flat, wrinkled face with large round, dark protruding eyes. They are known as a brachycephalic breed like Bulldogs and require face cleaning in their wrinkles. They may be prone to breathing issues and are more susceptible to heat stress due to their short nasal cavity. If they do not get enough exercise and an appropriate diet, they can be prone to obesity, so make sure you can invest lots of time to playing with them and find healthy options. Their rolls look cute but it is best to keep them slim to not stress their knees and keep them healthy.

3) Their smooth short coats can be fawn, apricot fawn, silver fawn, or black like Kilo

Kilo is actually a mix as he has fawn legs. Pugs require minimal grooming beyond regular bathing and brushing, but they do shed a lot (more than I expected, even with regular brushing). An investment in some lint rollers may be a good idea if you’re considering a pug. We have black hair on everything and Kilo loves white beds and couches and rugs.


4) Pugs are true companion dogs.

Although pint-sized, Pugs come packed with a lot of cheeky charm and love company and games. I call Kilo my velcro dog as he is always in my lap or by my side and gives lots of pug hugs and kisses (literally he puts his little front legs around my neck and hugs me- super cute). He sleeps or gets depressed if no one is home to play with or cuddle. He is rarely left alone for more than an hour and is particularly attached to me.

The cute, sturdy little dogs usually like children and if properly socialized and trained, can make great family pets. Pugs can make great apartment pets, though they do require lots of attention and the right exercise regime.  Kilo and I do short walks, games and tricks and baby agility together bonding and keeping fit.

5) Pugs are usually smart and eager to please but can be a little stubborn to train.

Pugs are often very food motivated and seem to respond best to positive reinforcement, treats, and patience (Perhaps quite a bit of the latter).  Kilo was not well house-trained when I started fostering him and still occasionally likes to mark white rugs or bath mats or has accidents, especially if it is raining outside. He is not a fan of getting wet. He loves learning tricks because he spends time with me and gets treats. He is still bad at recall and focus, especially out or with strangers, but great in the house.

If you have any funny stories about the Pugs in your life, please share them in the comments, we love to read them!

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