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What to do if my pug ate chocolate

What Should I Do If My Pug Eats Chocolate?

Do You Know What To Do If Your Pug Eats Chocolate? Chocolate is a tasty treat for humans that can be fatally toxic for pugs. It may be one of the most common forms of poisoning in dogs, so it’s vital to know what to do if it happens to your pug. Kilo the Pug once stole and devoured a whole tray of dark chocolate and walnut brownies when we first fostered him. I rushed him to the vet and they induced vomiting and gave him a charcoal product. Thankfully he was fine. Then just last week, our … Read More

The Best dog-friendly places in toronto for pugs

The Best Dog-Friendly Places In Toronto For Pugs

The Best Dog-Friendly Places To Explore In Toronto With Your Pug With the start of 2017 we thought it would be fun to wrap up 2016 with a round-up of our favorite dog-friendly places to take your pug downtown in our hometown. We wanted to try out the new Sony Action Cam we borrowed and film Kilo the Pug as he visited his favorite spots in The 6ix. See a product review for the Sony Action Cam here. Toronto is a pretty inclusive city that … Read More



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