Easy Cute Homemade Dog-Friendly Cupcake Pugs


Have a Pug Pawty with Homemade Pug Cakes

Kilo the Pug and I share a love of food. So what better way to party or pawty together than with dog-friendly cupcake pugs from our new Dog Licks Recipe Series over at Talent Hounds.  Pug-themed Cupcakes or Pupcakes make the best Treats Ever for a Greedy Pug like Kilo or for a pug lover like me!

We started with this simple vanilla cupcake that looks like a mixed pug using fondant and carob and we will be doing more recipes that look like fawn pugs and black pugs.

Dog Licks dog friendly pupcake pugs wet ingredients for cupcakes

Cupcake Base

  • 2cups flour  (I used plain white flour but rice flour should work well if you need gluten free)
  • a pinch of salt (you can leave out but may leave cake a little flat)
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1/2 cup butter softened (we tested using a tablespoon of butter, 2 tablespoons of olive oil, and 2 tablespoons of natural Greek Yoghurt as I had run out of butter, plus less fat)
  •  1/2 cup sugar (if for kids and you want sweeter, you can add more sugar)
  • 2eggs
  • 1cup milkDog Licks dog friendly pupcake pugs dry ingredients


Dog Licks pup cake pug easy recipes decorating

  • White Fondant – we bought a little box of ready made after checking ingredients were OK for Kilo (confectioners sugar, water, gelatin unflavored, glucose, cornstarch and glycerine)
  • blueberries
  • strawberry

Dog Safe Faux “Chocolate” Icing

White Icing

  • 1 tablespoon of low-fat plain cream cheese
  • 1 teaspoon of low-fat plain Greek yoghurt

Some cupcake recipes include vanilla but most vanilla extract includes alcohol which is not good for dogs so we left it out.



  1. Preheat the oven to 375f or 150c;
  2.  Lay out cups in baking tinDog Licks dog friendly pupcake pugs tray of cupcake tins
  3. Cream butter and sugar together until the mixture is light and fluffy.
  4. Beat in eggs one at a time.
  5. Add flour mixed with baking powder and salt alternating with milk. Beat well until smooth.

Dog Licks dog friendly pupcake pugs cupcake batter       6. Divide evenly among cups and bake for 17-18 minutes or until a light golden colour on top. The smaller ones cooked faster so you could take them out early.Dog Licks dog friendly pupcake pugs pouring the batter into the tray

  1. Let cool in pans.Dog Licks dog friendly pupcake pugs baked cupcakes on tray


Dog Licks dog friendly pupcake pugs baked pug cakes

  1. Roll out fondant 2 cm thick.
  2. Cut out 1 heart shape, 2 teardrop shapes, and 1 large circle from the fondant. Set aside.
  3. “Frost” the cupcake with dog-safe white Icing or peanut butter to secure the fondant (and for taste)
  4. Lay the circle shape over the cupcake.Easy Recipe Dog Licks cupcake pugs fondant
  5. Frost one side of the heart and lay upside down on the bottom half of the face.
  6. Frost one side of the teardrop shapes and place them as the pug’s ears.
  7. Lightly spread some carob paste onto the ears and the muzzle.Dog licks easy cupcake pug recipe carob
  8. Stick on two blueberries for eyes and one for the nose using peanut butter.Dog Licks easy cupcake pug recipe final
  9. Cut a small tongue using half a strawberry and place on the cupcake using peanut butter.
  10. Enjoy!

easy pug cake recipe

We love Pugs and Kilo sure loved his Dog-Friendly Cupcake Pug.

These easy cute cupcakes are perfect for dog and kid birthday parties or celebrations.

Do you make treats for your Pug or celebrate birthdays together?  Let us know in the comments.

Disclaimer:  Please note that I am just having fun with these Dog Licks Recipes, making food that looks like cute pups and that my dog, my kids and I can enjoy. I am not an expert, a chef, a vet or a nutritionist, so it’s advisable to consult with your own authority when trying new foods, and also to ensure that your dog’s or your child’s diet is balanced and appropriate & includes all of the nutrients that are necessary for good health.

Also please watch for allergies or adverse reactions, especially if using products like peanut butter which can be deadly, and never give your dog chocolate, onions, grapes, xylitol or raisins ( if you have any questions contact your Vet or the ASPCA hotline).

9 Things You May Learn When You Adopt A Pug

9 Things You learn When you adopt a Pug 200 x 300

Some Surprises that Come from Adopting this Dog Breed

You learn some amazing life lessons when you open your heart and home and adopt a pug. As the summer holidays end, and kids go back to school, many people are ready for a new routine and perhaps a new family member. Why not rescue a dog in need and save a life this year?

My rescue pug Kilo, from Homeward Bound Rescue,  has certainly changed my life for the better. We found each other in August two years ago and I couldn’t image life without him now. However we have both had to adapt and have taught each other a lot.

My Rescue Pug Life Lessons:

1. Every Pug Has A Unique Personality

Just like people, animals have different personalities and needs. Certain breeds tend to have certain characteristics, but then within the breed, they can vary enormously because of nature and nurture.

Pugs are such a lovable, loving, funny breed but I do find them quirky. They do need a lot of attention, they like to be on the couch or your lap and they can tend to weight gain or get hot easily. I started out fostering because I have always had rescue dogs my whole life, but had never had a pug or other squishy face breed.

Read more about what to expect from a Pug Here.

Kilo does not appear to have been socialized well as a puppy so he is not a typical sociable pug with strangers or other dogs. Pets are not usually inherently “bad,” but may have had a rough beginning in life that caused some behavioural issues. We are working on Kilo’s and I have learned a lot about positive training and socialization.

Fishstick the Celebrity Rescue Pug from Backseat Barkers on patio chair
Fishstick the Celebrity Rescue Pug

2. You’ll Save Two Lives By Adopting A Rescue 

When you adopt a pug, not only are you probably saving its life, but you also give a chance to the one who will take its place in the rescue, shelter or foster home. Until every pet has a loving home, adopting is a great option.

3. Empathy, patience, and responsibility- Love Changes Everything

Caring for, training and showing a pet love can teach empathy, patience, and responsibility. The special love of a rescue can transform your life. Rescue dogs have had great success in programs with prisoners and youth, showing how life changing the love of a dog can be. Pugs can be a particularly loving and affectionate breed, breaking down emotional barriers. Nothing like pug hugs from Kilo when I walk in the door or cuddles if I am stressed. Plus he gets me up off the couch or away from my desk regularly to walk or play with him or do training sessions.

4. You Both May Learn to Trust and You Are Not Alone

Not only can pets give you unconditional love, but they often greatly improve your mental, emotional and physical state. By having a companion animal, especially a pug that you walk and cuddle and even talk to, you are never alone and are forced to get out and try new things. This can be very beneficial for those who may feel isolated.  With patience, training and lots of love, your rescue pug will learn to trust you and you will have a best friend by your side.. all the time.. even when you go to the bathroom. I call Kilo my velcro dog.

Kilo the pug lays on white stool
My rescue pug Kilo

5.  Who Rescued Who?

Many former shelter pets and rescues become therapy or service animals or may become heroes, like search and rescue animals or PTSD Assistance Animals with K9s for Warriors. Pugs can make great therapy dogs reading with kids or visiting seniors. They can also alert to danger.

6. Stress Relief 

Scientific research shows that looking at and petting dogs can increase hormones that improve moods and reduce hormones associated with stress levels. So, learn to take a deep breath and adopt a pug! Patting Kilo’s soft head and looking into his big eyes help me. Pugs have naturally slightly comedic exaggerated features which make many people smile. Kilo is VERY affectionate and also likes to do tricks and make me happy.

7.  Become Healthier

Having a daily routine that includes many walks is a great benefit of owning a dog. Your body will thank you for the extra exercise and daily adventures. Research in Australia showed that dog owners got more exercise than non-owners. I have learned a lot about diet, nutrition, and exercise looking after Kilo the Pug. It has made me more active and in tune with my own health.

pug dog looks into camera

8. Live Life To The Fullest

The most important thing in life is to value it. Rescued pets are great for reminding us that a few of the best things in life we may take for granted, like the love of your family and a roof over your head, good food, health and maybe a cuddle.

9. The Power of Positive Training and Attitudes- Dogs and People Can Change

Many rescue dogs come from rough situations, but that doesn’t define them. They don’t hold grudges (though some may be fearful).

The best lesson you will learn is that with lots of love and positivity, anyone can change. We can all learn to forgive, to forget, to trust and let go of past pain.

Is your Dog A Rescue? Share Your Stories Below.

What You Need To Know About Homeward Bound Dog Rescue

Photo of Kilo with the words "Homeward Bound Dog Rescue"

What You Need To Know About Homeward Bound Dog Rescue

A lifesaver for Pugs and other short-nosed breeds

What Makes Homeward Bound Very Special

Located in Ontario, Canada, Homeward Bound Dog Rescue helped to save the life of resident Pug-In-Charge, Kilo. Homeward Bound specializes in brachycephalic breeds like pugs and bulldogs who may have different needs than other dogs due to their short nasal cavity and sensitivity to heat. The rescue is run entirely by a dedicated team of volunteers who want every dog to find their forever home.

Each dog in the program is housed with a foster family to reduce feelings of abandonment and fear that a shelter environment can create. This is especially true of pugs, like Kilo, who were bred to be companions and become very attached to their owners. Dogs are showered with the love and devotion that they deserve, which helps bridge the gap between their old life and their new homes.

Medical expenses, shelter, and food are all provided to the dogs by donations from generous supporters. Every cent donated goes directly to the animal’s care. Potential adopters are screened carefully so that each dog is placed in its perfect home. Nothing is overlooked when it comes to the animal’s happiness and well-being, and that makes Homeward Bound a great rescue to support.

Could A Rescue Dog Be a Good Addition to Your Home?

Rescue dogs are full of love and ready to become your companion. Adopting an animal saves it’s life and makes room in a foster home for another dog to be saved.

Check out our Questions to Ask Before Adopting A Dog and Do Your Research.

Featured Available Dogs On Homeward Bound Dog Rescue’s Website Today

HBR Available Dog Hope
Hope- Young Female
HBR Available Dog Murphy
Murphy-Young Female

Should You Foster A Rescue?

If you are not ready to make the commitment to many years of pet ownership, fostering an animal is another great choice to be involved in pet rescue. I started out fostering Kilo after my last mixed breed rescue dog Isabelle passed away at 16 years old because my daughter wanted a Bulldog or Pug over the summer but I was not sure about the squishy faced breeds. I decided to make him a part of the family when she went back to university.

Check Out 13 Questions to Ask Before Fostering a Dog on Talent Hounds.

Learn more about the fostering program at Homeward Bound Dog Rescue to see if it’s the right fit for your lifestyle.  

Please support non-profit Rescue organizations in your community.  Each dog rescued requires expenses such as vet checks, training, and fostering. Programs like Homeward Bound rely solely on their volunteers, donations and support from the community.

If you are considering a dog, #AdoptDontShop first because #RescuesRock. Or if you choose to purchase a particular breed like a pug puppy, please go to a responsible registered breeder.